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The Cloudlogic Azure Experience for South African Hosters

Cloudlogic Azure Experience for ISPs and Hosters in SA[if lte IE 8]> <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""> <![endif][if IE 9]> <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""> <![endif][if IE 8]><![endif][if IE 9]><![endif]

The CloudLogic Synergy Provisioning Platform is a highly customized provisioning platform for local service providers. It is designed to help service providers implement a customized Azure classic portal and through this portal, deliver rich workloads for customers. It is built entirely on the Microsoft suite of hosting products and delivers IAAS PAAS as well as hybrid, storage and recovery services. Synergy is built using Microsoft best practise methodologies, enterprise hosting technologies and Cloudlogic IP.

Synergy delivers value to end customers by providing a total automated self-service experience and individuals tenants can be customized for rich hybrid customer requirements.

By using a gallery service with gallery items, Synergy can provision either a single or multi-tier service with minimal or zero input. The Synergy Platform is built on a robust SDF (software defined fabric) that allows customers extend their existing IP on premise infrastructure directly into the Synergy Platform hosted at a service provider, this creates a Bring Your Own IP experience.

Extension of existing premise based datacenters and integration into public clouds is Synergy’s core value proposition. Synergy goes past delivering virtual machines only and can deliver multi-tier, line of business applications as well. The building and publication of the gallery items is part of a managed service offered by Cloudlogic.

The Synergy Provisioning Platform offers the following benefits:

  • Bring Your Own IP

  • Carbon Copy sources from a customer site to their Synergy tenant.

  • Carbon Copy an entire Synergy tenant to Azure.

  • Carbon Copy any source to any destination using Synergy.

  • Access Azure storage directly for customer tenants with Synergy.

  • Enterprise Data Protection for customer tenants/on-premises using Synergy.

  • Integrated usage tracking and billing at tenant level with Synergy Platform.

  • Unleash business value with local Microsoft System Center installations and Synergy.

Contact a Cloudlogic Representative today for a live demo of Cloudlogic Synergy in action.

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