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Azure Stack TP2 First Impression

At first experience, TP2 is much more stable in installation. 4 distinct features excite me. The installation although seems standard, invokes one of my favorite technologies, DSC, I suppose this explains the initially stability, not present with TP1. Took me only 2 times to get TP2 fully installed.

DSC (desired state configuration), makes for highly structured and predictable installations.

2ndly, the speed and efficiency of Powershell Direct. I noticed a reduced number of reboots to perform IP/WinRM functions.

3rdly, the ability to create a VPN into the quarantined Stack Fabric is brilliant. TP1 created headaches because of the double RDP hop to get into the platform to manage it.

Also, the powershell requirement to manage Stack is much more improved, previously, it required a slightly complicated installation via webpi of the stack powershell modules. Versioning between the Azure and Azure Stack powershell modules, were sometimes an issue. It is now as simple as running a few lines of powershell commands to fetch the necessary AzureRM modules.

These are just preliminary findings of the improved TP2 architecture. Have not gotten into the exciting bits as yet.