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Making Scary Legacy Infrastructure, Azure Ready!

Why are companies resisting the need to move to Cloud or even engage a conversation related to cloud? it my honest opinion, it is because most clouds are misunderstood and most legacy infrastructure fearful. The great clouds often get confused with the lesser ones. What if Cloud is not the conversation? What if reducing business risk is? and the engine behind the scenes Azure!


When having a conversation with customers, I am often surprised how companies want to hear less about cloud but whose eyes light up when you discuss their challenges and how we can help them.

One of the biggest challenges facing many companies today are their applications and how to make them agile or cloud aware. If one has to quantify the number of line of business applications that have evolved over the years sitting in customer datacentres that no one wants to touch, the number would probably be infinite, if it could be counted.

It is the single most reason for customers to not even consider cloud or virtualization. What if there is a solution, method or technique that would allow the migration and movement of applications and their complexities without ever reinstalling them, re configuring them or touching them in any way.

This is where Azure, Hyper-V and System Center shines. Using a combination of all of these tool sets, customers can literally move anything from source to destination. The source is literally irrelevant, the complexity almost nothing. It can be moved. The irony is, that customers can deal with these legacy burdens without even moving to Azure.

Customers are welcome to download free tools like, Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0, Microsoft's VHDx technology, and advanced P2V tools available with Azure,

Customers can reduce the risk of managing physical, outdated critical infrastructure and with that are just one step aware from shifting those workloads to Azure when ready!

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