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Agile and Robust Storage with StorSimple


There is no shortage of cloud providers in South Africa. The challenge for customers is not whether storage exists, the challenge is whether the cloud provider has the right storage for my needs and the right intelligence to store locally, move efficiencty, store securely and protect indefinitely.

If cloud storage is everywhere, why then is it not widely adopted for enterprises for the correct fit? Cloud storage makes sense, and there is such a need for storing and protecting data for customers but most solutions do not have the correct fit for the correct requirement.

What are some of the factors to consider when choosing a cloud storage partner? and let me make this clear, cost is the last factor to be considered when choosing a cloud storage vendor.

The following needs to be considered when choosing cloud storage with your local vendor:

Consistency of Access Performance

Cloud storage access must always be consistent. Performance must always be guaranteed. Whether your application is local or within the cloud, the performance of the application must never suffer. Application performance is almost always affected by poor storage I/O and poor latency of cloud storage.

With this being said, cloud storage does not need to be slow or unusable. Choose wisely.

Storsimple solves this problem by providing a high performance local cache appliance on your premises, The logic, intelligence and movement of data is handled by the Storsimple, it handles data routing between your site and the cloud. A customer will always experience consistent performance when accessing Storsimple volumes. Some volumes are pinned locally for guaranteed local performance and others stretched, data that is almost always never accessed.

The success of Storsimple within your enterprise is dependant on the correct assessment of your storage needs.

Variations of Storage Performance

Different applications and use cases require a different type of storage, not all applications require high performance storage. In most situations, a cloud storage solution must cater for high capacity low performance storage. Your cloud provider must be able to liase with your in terms of your requirements to assess the storage type you need.

Storsimple and Azure blob storage allows the creation of low performance or high performance blob storage accounts based on your particular requirement, different requirements get different storage accounts.

Infinite Storage

Most internet service providers, especially those in South Africa, have SANs within their datacenters. These are large and expensive equipment usually best suited for enterprise datacenters These SANs as fast as they are in themselves, fail when mapping their capability to the myriad of different customer requirements. These are finite high performance storage devices that is limited in its scalability. In essence, there is only so much storage available, let alone different tiers of storage that can go around.

Storsimple unlocks at least 500tb of local storage. even though that storage is not physical available, it is logically available for your applications and infrastructure without compromising performance. The storage is logical and virtual and not physical, therefore this type of storage has no boundaries.

Integrated Data Protection

Storing data and protecting data should be a seamless and transparent action when choosing cloud storage. Storing your critical data with a cloud provider does not guarantee that that data meets all of the security or all of your protection requirements. A cloud vendor needs to be able have a transparent storage platform that does storage and protect in one action. The ability to make copies of your stored data is mandatory. Your data is not protected if protection is done on the same hardware that the data is stored on.

Azure Storsimple provides data protection and storage in a single process. data is managed as blocks and by managing the differences of those blocks, data is efficiently copied between customer site, to Azure blob storage and to another geo redundant site as required.

Storsimple cloud snapshots make this differential block management possible. Even if the physical device is damaged, the data is always stored within Azure datacenters and can be remounted within Azure if needed.

Agile Storage

The cost of storage is not the prime driver in choosing a cloud provider. Consider the many different requirements and the agility of the storage you are being offered. Understand how it will cater for your requirements anywhere in your business in any location.

Azure Storsimple makes the reality of infinite cloud storage closer and simpler than ever before.

If you would like to understand if Storsimple can solve your data challenges, contact one of our Cloudlogic Service Representative