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VMware to VMware Continuity with Azure


Yes, you heard right, Azure can do Site to Site recovery of ESX(VCenter) servers from customer site A to customer site B without any data going to Azure.

No additional VMware software is required to perform the replication and orchestration, Azure provides all of the management software and processing software to make this possible.

If you concerned about bandwidth issues, let me reassure you that no data is transferred to Azure except replication status and centralized management of the configuration servers as well as the MT target servers.

Azure using InMage software will ensure, source replication and destination processing and will track and monitor every detail of the replication and failover.

All of this is possible with a suite of products aquired by Microsoft a few years ago, InMage Scout and vContinuum Server, these now significantly bolster Microsoft's continuity offering for customers that do not even have Hyper-V.

It really demonstrates Microsoft's open philosophy and a customer centric approach rather than a product only focus. Imagine the value to those VMware only customers. Recovery using Inmage Scout is possible to commodity hardware at the destination and does not require similar hardware or expensive SANs.

Azure Site Recovery can also do:

VMware VMs to Azure.

Physical Servers to Azure.

Hyper-V VMs to Azure via (System Center).

Hyper-V VMs to Secondary Site via (System Center).

Hyper-V VMs to Secondary Site using SAN ( System Center).

VMware VMs to Secondary Site via InMage Scout.

Physical Servers to Secondary Site via VContinuuim.

At the moment, there is no vendor offering such a wide array of disaster recovery options. It caters for low cost, robust and extremely versatile continuity capabilities.

Disaster Recovery is no longer the domain of enterprise customers or customers with expensive SANs.

It has now become mainstream with Azure.