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Spot the Azure Difference!

There has been much hype recently around Azure Stack.

Currently in TP2,

Azure Stack is the final but very relevant piece of

Microsoft's Cloud OS Vision.

It is a significant piece of the puzzle that will enable the richest, smoothest and the most consistent experience in creating, deploying and managing software defined infrastructure and applications across any location and it brings it right up to your doorstep and your fingertips.

What does Azure Stack actually bring to the cloud party? Well, it is not what Azure Stack is, but it is the change and the transformation it brings to your control and management in day to day operations of applications and infrastructure.

Combined with Azure, a customer now has a global fabric extending from his datacenter, to a service provider and all the way up to Azure public cloud.

What does the future look like for you as a customer managing infrastructure in Azure, your Datacenter and a Service Provider's network?

Well lets start with a challenge!

Try this with your existing Cloud or Hoster?

Can you simultaneously build a datacentre, using the same code infrastructure in 3 different locations at the same time in minutes and have them communicate with each other if you wanted?

How long does it take your cloud provider to do the following?

deploy 7 servers,

deploy the networks,

deploy loadbalancers,

deploy perimeter and server security extensions,

deploy IP and NAT rules,

install and configure the required applications,

apply your custom code if required.

enable insights and monitoring for your infrastructure,

and enable high availability through fault and update domains to mitigate outages.

With Azure, Azure Stack combined you can deploy the same infrastructure to different locations at the same time using the same 29k txt file, You can if you wanted build infrastructure dependent on each other in Azure and Azure Stack tenants.

You can deploy to:

1. Azure Public Cloud

2. Your Own Datacenter with Azure Stack

3. A Service Provider with Azure Stack

Dont believe me!

Try if for yourself. Copy the URL below and the copy the contents of the azuredeploy.json to Azure Resource Manager.

Deploy the following through a custom template in Azure or Azure Stack.

When deploying to Azure Stack in your datacenter, the blobtarget parameter will be - .blob.azurestack.local

When deploying to Public Azure, the blobtarget parameter will be -

When deploying to Azure Stack for Service Provider, the blobtarget parameter will be - .blob.azurestack.local

If you require further assistance and for some explosive demos, contact me at