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Global Azure Bootcamp Durban

Durban, located on the east coast of South Africa is one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. It is was one of the Soccer World Cup host cities 2010. What better location and city to get together as a community of experts on a beautiful Saturday morning April 22nd to explore technology and experience a new age of software defined computing with Azure.

It was a day of eager anticipation and excitement for the 1st ever Global Azure Boot Camp hosted in Durban.

The response to Global Azure Boot Camp Durban was nothing short of amazing and unexpected. Tickets were sold out in the 1st two weeks of being made available.

The response was from every sector of community and businesses in Durban, We had individuals from companies, students, partners and even key decision makers of some large enterprises attended.

But for the day, we were all learners, with no hierarchy, status of rank. It was a day of exploration and learning through failure and success.

The day was graciously hosted by Cloudlogic South Africa in their all new stunning 5 story all glass building overlooking some of Durban's spectacular sea views.

Cloudlogic provided state of the art technology infrastructure and high speed internet access to Azure. Refreshments were also provided throughout the day keeping eager attendees going.

The mission for the day was simple, "Ensure that all participants gain an immersive hands-on experience to the software defined world of Azure".

Focusing on the software defined enterprise as the theme for the day, with as few slides as possible, attendees were given a business brief and all attendees needed to role play as Cloud Solution Architects for a fictitious enterprise multi-national company.

The brief was simple, build and secure next generation infrastructure and datacenters using ARM Templates and ARM Policies.

Using Visual Studio and PowerShell, attendees were able to get a step by step guidance in being able to compose complex infrastructure in software. Totally ground-breaking for most.

For Me, it was a day of awe and pleasant surprise as i spent the day sharing some of what I do on Azure on a regular basis. It was a day of transformation and exploration of mind from idea to practicality and to share a little of that with the community was a satisfaction that is priceless.

As an MVP for Azure, my responsibility is and will always be to "creating excitable forums, stages and communities for exploring the impossible".

It was a day of business objectives with technical outcomes.

Attendees began with both a business and a technical brief, and systematically, and as a team we stepped through each challenge, we scripted each solution using PowerShell, and finally executed against each attendees fictitious customer tenant.

Attendees were able to work with software defined infrastructure in a fresh new approach, something not done before for some.

Surprisingly, even with the level 300 nature of the technical content, both the content and the presentation was very well received and applauded.

The day started at 9am and finished at 5pm, and at no stage did i see any of the attendees fall of the pace. Even for those new to Azure, it was an eye opener and very exciting and everyone remained focused on the task at hand.

Everyone enjoyed the day, loved the content and most importantly they all appreciated the transformation that Azure brings.

The comments were unanimous, " The day was outstanding and engaging", "We need to have more of these events"

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